The Book of Sensations

The Book of Sensations by Sheri-D Wilson embodies an intricate ecosystem of language and feeling. These poems reach their roots down into the depths of what it means to be-to connect to one another, and to connect to the earth. With fine-tuned vocabulary, far-reaching observation, and the dream-vision of the surrealist eye, Sheri-D delves into the personal and the universal, the everyday and the mythical. This book is full of poignant sensations and astonishing realizations. This is a book of life and experience. Put it in your pocket and immerse yourself in a world of sensations.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front cover 1
Half title page 2
Full title page 4
Copyright page 5
Dedication 6
Table of Contents 8
The Bibliobibuli 10
Carded 15
Re: Reading 24
Dreams of Amaranta 26
The Smell of Old Books 38
Palabra Anteontem 42
The Booklovers 44
A Word for Poetry 47
Dreaming in Lost Languages 49
Love Letters 52
Communication in Sensation Cyfathrebu yn Sensation 55
Naming it Ananizapta 59
Language of the Birds 66
Re: Wyrd 71
Forest Bathing 74
Interview with Ocean 80
Voicing Many Languages 87
Dear 14 Immortals 95
Conlanging 97
Scandalous Women 104
L’ Alcôve 106
Exploration of the Sourceof the Orinoco River 108
Drones Kill 111
Natural World of Languages 114
Sound Swept Away 121
Acknowledgements 125
About the Author 126 128
Back cover 130